A lonely man looking at a waterfall

Best Places to Visit with a Broken Heart

Description: If you just had a nasty breakup, you can mend your heart by visiting some of the best places to travel for people going through a stressful experience. Here are suggestions for top travel destinations if you want to heal a broken heart.

10 Best Places to Travel with a Broken Heart

A lonely man looking at a waterfall

After going through a nasty breakup, you can be tempted to spend days hiding in your bedroom, hoping your heart will be healed by time. Some people start to spend their time on dating sites to find a hookup and forget about the broken heart. But isn’t it better to use this time for freedom and traveling? New experiences heal the soul and bring new emotions that are much better than replacing lost love when you are not ready.

Explore hobbies that can help you clear the pain in your heart. One of the ways to mend a broken heart is to find the best places to travel.

Even if you found your match through dating sites, they might put you through a period of pain again. That’s why it’s important to understand how you can find therapy for a broken heart. Travel brings you new experiences and helps you appreciate the beauty out there, so it can be the best way to overcome heartbreak. Here are 10 places to travel on a budget that will help you heal if you’re heartbroken.

  • Las Vegas, USA

Welcome to Las Vegas

If you want the perfect location for someone with a broken heart, Las Vegas is among places to travel in the US. Here, you will have fun and enjoy experiences that will give you a unique perspective about relationships. This city gives you the perfect distraction to get over your heartbreak. From crazy pool parties to incredible shows and casinos, Las Vegas offers an endless medley of experiences that will help you forget the pain your past relationships brought. This is home to the most beloved pawn shops, so you can also make some money selling your ex-lover’s gifts.

  • Bali, Indonesia

Mount Agung in the sunrise

Bali is a top spot if you’re looking for cheap places to travel that will give you incredible experiences. It’s a popular destination for people with broken hearts as they can explore the island of the Gods. Nicknamed “a slice of paradise,” Bali is laid-back and scenic. It offers Instagram-worthy landscapes of rice terraces, rugged coastlines, volcanic hillsides, and hills, which create a splendid backdrop to the deeply colorful culture. Bali is a great place to meet new people and enjoy unique experiences to overcome the past.

  • Singapore

Marina bay sands

On the surface, Singapore does not look like the perfect place for soul searching. But thanks to the skyscrapers and gleaming lights, it offers a glut of diversions that will take your mind off any troubles you’re struggling with. It’s among the top places to travel during COVID. While in Singapore, you can drown your sorrows with culinary treats like Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee, Bak Kut Ten, and Laska. Also, there are many fascinating attractions in the city that are mind-blowing, like the Universal Studios Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, and Night Safari and Sentosa.

  • Siquijor

Siquijor is among the hot places to travel that will help you heal if you’re heartbroken. It’s known for mountain-dwelling healers, known as mangukkulam, who use leaves, herbs, and twigs as ointments. Urban rumors suggest these witches can cause illness or raise the dead. It’s a fascinating experience learning about the culture and beliefs of the people. This is one of the cool places to travel in the Philippines if you want to heal a broken heart. You can explore caves, take dips in waterfalls, and bask in beaches like Paliton beach.

  • Coron, Palawan

For places to travel solo, Coron is among the best destinations where you can clear your mind after a breakup. The destination features an easygoing vibe and is loaded with sights that will leave you speechless, like Kayangan Lake, Mount Tapyas, and Blue Lagoon. In addition, Coron offers a cluster of snug and relaxing resorts, which are ideal if you want to reflect and meditate on life. It’s also a place you can meet open-minded travelers from other parts of the world.

  • New York, USA

If you’re searching for places to travel with family, New York is a prime target as there are plenty of features that will help you forget about your ex-lover. While exploring the metropolis, you can spend time around iconic sights like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. You can experience the fun nightlife scenes when nighttime comes by checking out outstanding concerts and hopping into trendy bars. While here, you might get an opportunity to see one of the country’s best acts in a concert.

  • Queenstown, New Zealand

To handle heartbreak and sorrow, you can go on a hair-raising adventure outside the country. No better place to visit for thrilling escapes than Queenstown, New Zealand. The destination is full of surprises and thrills and brims with adventure offerings that can pump up your adrenaline, including zip-lining, mountaineering, skydiving, caving, and bungee jumping. The city also flaunts a natural backdrop.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city known for wild nightlight and watering hotels, making this a terrific option for people who want to mend their bleeding hearts. The city offers a collection of pubs, where you can drink your heart’s desires and meet many open-minded travelers. An experience in Amsterdam will help you get over your recent breakup.

  • Machu Picchu, Peru

If you want a place that can take your breath away, Machu Picchu is an ideal destination where you can explore majestic views set in the Andes Mountains. The sights are great, and you can take a multi-day uphill hike on the historic Inca Trail.

  • Marbella, Spain

Hit the pools and beach clubs for an experience that will make you forget about your pains. This is a perfect destination for a long weekend in the sun. Some points of interest include Alameda Park and Paseo Maritimo.


People handle breakups in different ways. One of the worst ways to deal with this is locking yourself inside and hoping the pain will falter. Travel is the ultimate way to heal a broken heart quickly as you can get unique perspectives and explore new experiences.

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