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What You Need for a Romantic Getaway: A Checklist for Dubai Travelers

Going on a romantic vacation with a special someone is something many people are bound to experience. If you’re new to this, you must do your homework and learn everything there is to know to plan the perfect getaway.

If you’re dead set on going on an intimate trip to Dubai, this article can serve as your checklist for making the trip unforgettable for both you and your partner.

The Right Attitude

Whether or not it’s your first time to go away together, you – the planner of the getaway – may have some doubts and second thoughts about the trip.

Sure, being picky with hotels or tourist spots is normal – helpful even. However, you must remember that you’ll need to be decisive about these things to make sure that the vacation goes well.

You may also need to deal with those pesky nerves, especially if it’s the first time you’re traveling together. To help you out, here are two critical tips for overcoming pre-travel anxiety:

1.    Make safe and comfortable plans.

When it comes to relieving (and even preventing) stress, the best thing you must do is actively participate in the planning process. This will help you come to terms with all the aspects of the trip so you feel safe and not forced out of your comfort zone.

2.    Realize that your partner might be nervous, too.

Feeling anxious about any relationship milestone – whether it’s a first date or a first trip abroad – is normal. And that means if you feel such emotions, your partner is most likely experiencing them, too.

Neither of you wishes to be rejected, which is perfectly normal for young relationships. You’re both putting yourself out there; no one has more power than the other, so don’t think about it too much.

The key is to remember that the inherent risks are equal for everyone involved, not just you.

The Appropriate Apparel

Dates don’t necessarily require formal dresses and black suits. However, you may need to bring the proper attire should there be a romantic dinner date on your itinerary (which is highly likely, given that this list includes it).

Of course, you need to pack other apparel for the trip as well. In Dubai, there are four pieces you shouldn’t go without:

1.    Long skirt

Women are advised to bring at least one maxi dress or long skirt when visiting the United Arab Emirates. The loose and breezy feel of this type of clothing is not only perfect for the hot weather, but also excellent for adapting to Dubai’s cultural norms, especially when entering holy sites and mosques.

2.    Scarf or shawl

Another essential item you need for your Dubai trip is a scarf or a shawl.

These are versatile accessories that you can use in many different ensembles to cover your shoulders, chest, and head when in Dubai. They are also perfect for covering your legs when you enter holy sites, or your face when riding on a camel’s back in the desert.

3.    Swimsuit cover-up

Dubai is a relatively conservative city, but most foreigners may feel more comfortable wearing western swimwear while visiting its beaches. But for modesty’s sake, you should bring your favorite kimono cover-up when you visit cafes or even a beach bar after enjoying the coast.

4.    Cotton shirts and blouses

The general rule when packing for trips is to choose pieces that can multitask. This is one of the best examples.

Classic shirts and blouses are comfy and quite flexible when it comes to mixing and matching outfits. Cotton also breathes better than other materials, which is why it is most recommended for the mostly warm weather in the desert city.

The Perfect Dinner Date

The perfect dinner date is the pinnacle of any romantic getaway. This should be easy enough to pull off when you’re headed to Dubai.

The UAE’s most populous city is also often dubbed as “The City of Love.” The place has plenty of attractions that are perfect for getting some quality time with your significant other, including a few of the most amazing restaurants in the country.

Planning the perfect dinner date starts with choosing the right venue for it. That said, here are four tips that could help you decide:

1.    Consider food preferences and allergies.

Talk to your partner about food preferences and allergies. While you’re probably past the “first impressions” phase, there may still be some things you don’t know about your beloved.

To take the pressure off, you should have at least one or two back-up plans. Is the other person not keen on eating seafood? Plan to get pasta or steak instead. Or, if one of you has been traumatized by pasta or steak (it’s possible), you may opt for a different type of date altogether.

2.    Pick a place you will both enjoy.

Besides food, the overall vibe of the venue can make or break the entire date. To use the environment to your advantage, pick a place where both of you feel at ease.

For example, if your partner isn’t much of a fan of formal dining, it doesn’t make sense to bring him to a suit-and-tie affair. While there’s a first time for everything, this could make him feel out of place if he isn’t ready for it.

3.    Book a table beforehand.

Don’t assume that you’ll get a table for two on a busy Friday evening in any restaurant you choose. While there is a chance for this to happen, it’s safer to just book a table ahead instead of making your partner wait in line.

4.    Read reviews before deciding.

Like most things, a lot of people talk about romantic restaurants online. Capitalize on this by reading reviews about the places you’re looking at for your Dubai dinner date.

Don’t rush through the process, and make sure to look at user-based review platforms. Remember not to remove a restaurant from the list of potential candidates just because the first review you found was not good. The key is to take everything with a grain of salt.

For the Perfect Romantic Getaway

The season for romance is never-ending, especially when you’re headed to places like Dubai. Make the most out of the experience and plan the perfect getaway with that special someone using this article as a guide.


Mohamed Farzad is the Director of Nippon Group of Companies. One of the Nippon Hospitality Division’s premium projects is Doors Freestyle Grill, a premium steakhouse and international fusion cuisine-lifestyle dining concept set across the spellbinding Al Seef heritage district in Dubai.

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