10 Ideas For Trips Out Of The Main Italian Cities

10 Ideas For Trips Out Of The Main Italian Cities

If you are fantasizing about where to spend the holidays, know that the solution may be not far from you. How about exploring the destinations close to home and spending an all-Italian summer? It would be a perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover the hidden corners of the beautiful country.

If you want to switch off and escape from the usual routine even just for a day, we offer you 10 ideas for weekends and outings near 5 Italian cities, from north to south. Check out our list!

Trips out of Genoa

1. Portofino

About 30 kilometers from Genoa, this picturesque village is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a summer weekend, between the sea and excursions in the surrounding area. Symbolic place of Liguria, city of large yachts and social life, Portofino has always rhymed with elegance and dolce vita.

Immerse yourself in a magical and timeless atmosphere: stroll among boutiques, shops, and restaurants, cross the charming square until you reach the marina, where the pastel-colored houses are reflected in the water.

But Portofino is also an excellent destination to discover unspoiled corners. To the worldly charm, it adds its wildest soul: the Regional Natural Park. If you are a trekking lover, here you can walk along 80 kilometers of paths between olive groves and Mediterranean woods. If, on the other hand, you like water sports you can organize a kayak or Sup outing in the Marine Protected Area. Or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Reserve: you’ll feel like you’re swimming in a natural aquarium!

2. Sassello and the Beigua regional park

Just over an hour’s drive from Genoa, Sassello is the perfect place for a weekend of culture and relaxation. Take a pleasant walk in the historic center, among decorated palaces and prestigious churches, and do not leave the country without taking away a package of the famous macaroons.

Surrounded by woods and hills, Sassello will offer you more than one opportunity to spend a day outdoors, discovering nature. On foot, by mountain bike, or on horseback, you can visit the largest protected area in the region, the Beigua Natural Park. An area of ​​more than 18,000 hectares where you can find colorful flowers and spot over 80 species of birds, but also fallow deer, roe deer, and wild boar.

Trips out of town from Trieste

3. Piran, the pearl of the Slovenian coast

Defined as the pearl of Slovenian Istria, Piran is an excellent destination for a trip out to the sea. Once you reach the center, do not be surprised if the palaces and the square will have a familiar air: this village, in fact, has an entirely Venetian imprint, especially the bell tower which is a real miniature of that of San Marco.

Stroll through the narrow alleys until you reach the seafront: here you can swim or stop to eat excellent fresh fish in one of the many restaurants. If, on the other hand, you want to admire the city from a higher point, you cannot miss the medieval walls. Do not be discouraged by the steps and think of the breathtaking view that awaits you: a strip of land populated by red roofs and surrounded by the blue sea!

4. The Postojna Caves

Speleologists and non-speleologists, this is the place for you! Shaped by water, drop by drop, over millions of years, the Postojna Caves are the best known in Europe. And the only ones in the world with underground tracks!

Get on the train and set off to discover a parallel world: a tangle of halls and galleries with stalactites, stalagmites, and columns with the most incredible shapes. If you are not satisfied with the simple visit inside the cave, you can choose to experience real speleological adventures from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 hours. Abseiling, trekking through tunnels and underground rivers will give you moments of pure adrenaline!

Trips out of town from Florence

5. The lake of Bilancino

We all know that Florence is not very close to the sea and is one of the hottest cities in summer. If you want to swim and avoid the stress of traffic, you can find valid alternatives to the beach a few kilometers from the city. Lake Bilancino is an excellent place to organize a trip out of town and spend a day in complete relaxation.

Just 25 kilometers from the Tuscan capital, it is the largest artificial lake in the region. Here you can practise sports such as sailing, windsurfing, canoeing or simply sunbathe and relax on this body of water in the heart of Mugello.

6. Greve in Chianti

Chianti is one of the most fascinating places in Tuscany. If you love the countryside, one of the best experiences you can have is getting lost along the wine roads. Set off on your road trip among rows of vineyards, hills, and postcard landscapes.

Greve is considered the gateway to Chianti. Enter the main square and breathe the characteristic atmosphere of the village. Take a seat in one of the many restaurants and wine bars or buy local specialties in one of the many small shops and go for a picnic in the surrounding hills. To reach Greve you can rent a car or, alternatively, take a bus from the Florence station.

Trips out of Rome

7. Lake Bracciano and Trevignano Romano

Do you want to switch off and enjoy a relaxing day just a stone’s throw from Rome? There is no shortage of alternatives to escape the heat and crowds of the beaches. Lake Bracciano is located less than 50 kilometers from the capital: in its crystal clear waters, you can find refreshments on hot summer days or practice scuba diving, canoeing, and sailing sports.

Among the surrounding villages, you cannot miss the one of Trevignano Romano: from its church, located in the highest part of the city, you can admire one of the widest and most evocative views of the lake.

8. Villa d’Este, Tivoli

We remain in the immediate vicinity of Rome and go to the town of Tivoli, just 30 minutes by car from the capital and perfect for a day trip out of town. There are many fascinating things to see in Tivoli, but the most extraordinary is the symbolic villa of the city: Villa d’Este.

The exuberant use of water, characteristic of the Renaissance gardens, makes this villa the most impressive creation of the time, so much so that it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ingenious fountains, nymphs, and jets, which follow one after the other, will offer you an unprecedented water show. A curiosity: the water games are made using only the principle of communicating vessels, without the use of any driving force!

Trips out of town from Naples

9. The Path of the Gods

If you live in Naples you have many possibilities to spend a day different from the usual and give yourself a pleasant trip out of town.

Lovers of walking, here is the most famous trekking route on the Amalfi Coast: the path of the Gods. Already from the name, you can guess the spectacular nature of this itinerary which unfolds in 2 branches: high and low.

If you are not an experienced hiker, it is best to take the low trail. In both cases, dreamlike panoramas will open before your eyes: the rocks overlooking the sea, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and its stacks.  So book your hotel & pack your bag and let out to explore the beauty.

10. Vico Equense

From the Amalfi Coast, we move to the Sorrento coast and go to Vico Equense. This beautiful town offers unique views: sea, hills, and mountains that come together in a mixture of colors. From here you can enjoy one of the most impressive views of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius and, when the sky is clear, you can see the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida.

The first thing to do once you arrive is to visit the former cathedral: a pink wall on a rock overlooking the sea that you will see represented in all the postcards of the city. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy a relaxing bath, you can go down a little and reach Marina di Aequa, an old fishing village with a small harbor, up to the famous Seiano beach.

Even food lovers will have bread, or rather, pizza for their teeth! In addition to its natural beauty, Vico is, in fact, renowned for its excellent pizzerias and has one of the highest concentrations of starred and gourmet restaurants in Italy.

As you can see there is no need to go to the end of the world to spend a wonderful summer. Choose the destination you like the most and start organizing your trip out of town right away, for all-Italian holidays!


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