Tips for traveling as a student

Being a student and you want to travel comes with its shares of challenges. But here ways to navigate through that.

The following tips, which were crafted by, will help you plan to travel abroad as a student.

  1. Don’t let finances deter you from traveling

Everything comes at a price, and so is traveling, but if you decide to take a gap year or study abroad, it may not be as expensive as it’s typically thought. You can even use your financial aid to make arrangements for a trip with your school to do research or study.

  1. Have control over your education

Do not have excuses; leave them at home. It is hard to believe this, but you have more control over your life experiences and education. The power of deciding where and how you will learn is in your hands. The only difference between the people who travel and the people who dream about traveling is action.

  • Speak to someone who has done it.

When you are unsure about it, you might reach out to something that has more insight. You can spend time with them and hear their experiences. They might even get you in touch with people who have been to that destination or have had a similar trip.

People’s experiences are different, so it can be reassuring when you talk to someone who has been there.

  • Have a plan to stay longer¬†

After traveling to study, probably for a semester, you might see that there is a possibility that after settling and having a routine, you will be prompted to extend your stay for longer.

  • Make friendships with locals.

It comes in handy when you are traveling to a popular destination or with a group. It is easiest to make friends with Americans. But the best is not always the easiest. When you mix with locals, it has a significant advantage in learning culture, the place, and you can pick up language skills.

  • Have a backup device

It may sound a bit ridiculous, but it is advisable to carry extra devices when you travel. It pays to travel while prepared. Case in point you lose your smartphone while in Jinja, Venice, or Vietnam. It might be easy to scramble some finances and buy something, but that expenditure is not on the budget. When you travel with many devices, you need to remember that they can access Wi-Fi and, if there’s a probability, unlocked. International roaming Is not cheap.

  • Talk to your bank

Being in a new country is scary in itself; the last thing you want is the ATM swallowing your debit card. Before leaving your country, make sure that your bank knows that you are traveling. It helps since you can get more information about commissions internationally and what to do if something happened to your card abroad.

  • Get ID

When traveling, the most crucial document is your passport. But do not forget to carry your student ID. Student IDs help in getting discounts. Also, note if the country you are traveling to, consider your Student ID as official or need an ISIC student ID.


As a student, there are many ways you can travel and enjoy very great experiences. Start planning on how to make this happen.

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