Opt for Bike Taxi to Travel

Why Should You Opt for Bike Taxi to Travel?

When man invented the wheel, he must have jumped and hollered and celebrated and enjoyed. He must have thought this was that traveling never was, and never could be easier. Little did he know that it would actually get easier – much easier, in fact.

Today, bike taxis are everywhere. From Rapido’s to Ola Bikes to UberMOTOs, everybody’s using them. If you are not, you must start to ASAP! Here are all the reasons why you should start using a bike taxi:

  1. It saves money
  2. It offers doorstep pickup, each time every time
  3. It saves time
  4. It navigates traffic like a pro

1.It saves money

Commuting is at the heart of urban living. In today’s day and age, cities have become larger than ever before. What this means for the common man is insane amounts of commuting. Commuting from home to office, office to gyms, gyms to jams, and what not!

We are commuting all the time. And as is the rule of thumb, if you do something so regularly, you just can’t afford it to be expensive. This is where bike taxis come in. Bike taxis are gaining popularity as one of the most affordable travel options in our world (Unless there are ox carts that are cheaper). These are way cheaper than cabs (yes, even if you are carpooling), and almost at par with local transport rates.

In fact, they are so affordable that they might just be cheaper than your state bus. And state busses don’t even pick you up from your door! Sometimes the rates come down to as low as Rs.3/km, especially with companies offering cashbacks and discounts like Rapido.

2.It offers doorstep pickup

Bike taxis are a quick and convenient solution to your traveling hassles. They pick you up right where you are and drop you right where you need to be. No early stop, no extra walking. This is an added advantage that comes with a bike.

Cabs cannot enter the narrower residential lanes, and auto rickshaws cannot enter facility premises. Bikes on the other hand have something like a universal pass for every place. They enter nooks, they enter corners, they even enter parking lots if you really insist.

3.It saves time

If you live in a congested city, you must have already learned that bikes reach you to your destination faster than cars. They are much better at navigating traffic, squeezing into narrow shortcuts, and moving past roadblocks.

A two-wheeler is always a blessing in a big city. Running errands can be so quick and hassle-free, like, say, making a trip to the vegetable market, or going to pick up laundry. Just book a nearby bike taxi, and get, set, go. Lesser wait, lesser commute time, and super lesser cost.

In fact, according to a study done by AlphaBeta Analytics, Uber users saved 38% time with UberMOTO (the company’s bike-taxi offering) compared to its car offerings, meaning that bike rides do take less time. So, bikes are your best option if you’re planning to catch that movie on time without missing your extra hours of afternoon sleep.

4.It navigates traffic like a pro

If you live in a city that tends to get stuck in traffic jams, then a bike taxi can be your savior. Weird roads are their forte. From crowded roads to undeveloped roads- these will get you through anything just so that you can reach the office on time.

So, if you’re someone who hates waiting in traffic, then bike taxis are the way to go.

Best Bike Taxi Apps You Can Use

Bike-taxi is a fast-growing industry that has seen various companies pop up over time. Not all of these swam. Of those that did, most are in the form of additional features in larger apps. For instance, Ola Bike is just one of the many vehicles you can book on Ola. Grab and Go-Jek to offers food-delivery and other services apart from their bike-taxi. But there are also some standalone bike-taxi booking apps, like Rapido.

Here’s a list of the top 5 most popular apps where you can book a bike-taxi. The rates are highly competitive in all these apps, so you may not be able to choose one on the basis of price. But there are other factors that you can consider such as UI, safety features, number of drivers, average wait time, etc. We suggest that a great way to choose would be to see which app’s bikes you see the most in your city. This would mean that there are more drivers and the wait time would be lesser.

  1. Rapido: Available in major cities across India, Rapido was founded in 2015 and has gone on to transform the bike-taxi scene in the country. The added advantage of a Rapido is that you can book it in various ways. Apart from iOS and Android apps, you can also book a Rapido bike through Paytm and Facebook Messenger bot.
  2. UberMOTO: Launched as an additional service in the existing Uber app, UberMOTO has become extremely popular within its first few years. In fact, as per the latest update, the service has made over 2 million trips in India already!
  3. Ola Bike: One of the first apps to have launched the bike taxi option is Ola. Like Uber, Ola offers its bike segment in the existing app that is popular for cab-booking. The app also offers options such as Ola Auto, the second cheapest option available on the app.
  4. Go-Jek: Founded in 2009, Go-Jek is an on-demand bike taxi service in Indonesia. The company operates in 25 cities across Indonesia and employs more than 4,00,000 drivers. It also doubles as an app for booking cabs, food delivery, on-demand cleaning, beauty services, and more.
  5. Grab: Launched in Malaysia in 2012, Grab offers cab services, bike taxi services, and food delivery services- all in one app. Today the company has expanded to Indonesia and Thailand and is one of the most popular taxi apps in Southeast Asia.

About the author: Jagruti Jaiswal is a content writer who loves to research, write, read, repeat

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