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Are you a passionate tour blogger, or a writer with quality skills in imparting information in an informative and friendly way to travelers? Will you like to publish with Traveltrow your blogs? Now worry not we are here for you.  Traveltrow is always open and willing to work with bloggers with expert knowledge and advice to all tour community. Our clients are still in need of actionable, practical, and innovators that will transform their traveling experience and make it possible to wherever they go.

Why You Need a Guest Post

  • You can be given a chance in that your writing will be published to the whole world.
  • Get more traffic to your website because you will be able to get back a link to your website if you have one.
  • There is a possibility of bringing more and new potential clients to your site.
  • You will be able also to build a strong link with other bloggers you always write for. With this, you are allowed to build a good relationship with both editors, audience, and site owners.
  • More places will be covered, and the readers will get a chance to enjoy what you are doing.
  • You can learn to write for your audience instead of on your own. Writing under our site condition is valuable not only to your site but also to others. You will be able to learn various styles and guidelines.

What Are We Looking For a Travel Guest Post?

There are so many travel blogs available on the web nowadays, and each of them has got its style and writers. With us, you need to read and understand us and write what is related to what we are doing. We look at high quality and detailed travel information to help our travel community. Any post must have a piece of depth information and is in an informative way.

Relevance and informative

The post that we need must be informative and has the value that our readers need. Traveltrow does not accept any post or any blog that is promotional because that style is not our clients’ need.

What are our travel destinations?

Traveltrow is open to posts on various topics related to travel. We deal with all worldwide destinations, and flights write with us. Some of the significant travel for our destination we are looking for are

The USA travel- we always like city guides, weekend sites, among others. You can write on topics like best USA national park, post on California, Florida among others

South America travel. There are smarter and attractive cities and destinations in this region. We need an adventure tour, anything concerning the amazon, hiking guide, among others.  You can write any blog flights write with us, for example, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, among others.

Other destinations worldwide– as we have said we are dealing with worldwide, and therefore any post guide and post on the popular and significant cities are highly acceptable.  The destination can be in Europe, Asia, Central America, Africa, North America, among others.

What are the major topics and types of posts do we post?

Here are the above posts that we like. If you do not have a topic, you can now choose from what we like

  • The local guides- here, you need to tell us what is known for that locality and what you have seen, food, and the inside tips that make a trip to the area amazing.
  • Weekend trips and day trips in major cities-mention some of the coolest places to visit in the city. Give a guide to our readers on how they can reach the area.
  • Hiking guides-we need posts on hikes in specific destinations. Try to provide a personal experience, and you must be a hiker in this case.
  • Booze, coffee, and food guides- what can you eat while in this place, focus on the food that you will enjoy so that readers can be aware of what to meet. Try to provide excellent photos that are matching with our style.

Guidelines for Guest Post Submission:-

  • Ensure that the content in your article is about travel, vacations, and other related topics
  • Be an original work that is not copied from anywhere
  • The article must be 1000 words and above but also not too long
  • The information provided must be factual and genuine
  • Have many photos that you own and has not been shared
  • Has a well and easy to read format, include bullets, graphics and so on where necessary
  • The post must include a contextual background history in the destination you are writing. Convince me why it is special to be in the place.
  • It should also be relevant to our readers. First of all, read about us, and what we are doing before writing, you will get to know more of us and what to write about.
  • You should pay 40$ as editorial fees.

How to Send Your Guest Post:-

We are looking for experienced writers who can travel for us with high-quality, high-quality work that will be appreciated by our clients. You need to email us and include the following in your email

  • The site address that you are from or represent
  • Mention three blog topics or fields you are good at
  • Include a link to one of your articles you have written so that we can check your writing style.
  • You will contact us at – rabbyapk (at) gmail.com and also mention your topic and details. 

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